Police informs the community.



The police management is taking this opportunity to address the community to state that country Sint Maarten within the next 48 hours will be experiencing the effect of hurricane/ tropical storm Beryl which will be passing south-west of the island.

The police department wants the community at large to rest ashore that all necessary precautions/measures have been taken by the department to ensure the safety and security of all citizens and visitors to the island.

All available police personnel have been mobilized and the department will work closely with the assistance of other law enforcement partners to make sure the community at large is safe and secure before, during and after the passing of hurricane/tropical storm Beryl.

However the community should continue to monitor the latest weather updates and listen to the information and instructions given by the Honorable Prime Minister of Sint Maarten Mrs. Leona Romeo-Marlin which is given daily via the government Department of Communication.

The police department is also encouraging the community to take all necessary measures to protect their family, home any other valuable possession and not to wait until its to late to have this done.

The Police department is also asking the general public for their fullest cooperation by following the orders and instructions from the law enforcement officers to avoid any unnecessary delays and inconveniences.