Our Nurses, our voice to lead.


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In honor of International Nurses Day, which is celebrated globally on May 12th, I would like to share this message. The theme for Nurses Day is: A voice to lead, a theme that I can resonate with and would like to promote within our health care sector. I would like to recognize our nurses for their commitment to protecting, promoting, and improving health care for all in our country.

Registered nurses form the largest of health care professions. I cannot begin to explain the influence and impact of our nurses in our Public Health strategies. In various sectors, industries and departments our nurses are active and vocal in policy development and implementation. I would like to see that recognition of our nurses be promoted as widely as possible.

I am proud to say that the work of our nurses on Sint Maarten and our local nurses abroad is impactful and influential on a regional and international scale. Our nurses are active in improving access to health care, educating our community members, addressing poverty and nutrition, clean energy, inequality, sustainability and innovation.

Nurses, thank you for your service and dedication to your profession and those in need.

Happy Nurses Day.