Mauricia-Peterson: Stop playing with people’s feelings with empty election promises

Francelise Mauricia-Peterson


Stop playing with the people’s feelings.

For decades, we the people, have been hearing over and over solutions to each and every problem in Sint Maarten during election time. After that nothing is done in the best interest of the people. The thing is it is not the solutions at risk here, but the livelihood of our people. While the dump is an ongoing problem for years, and solutions have been highlighted throughout each election time, this is my take.

We need to start educating our people from home on how to separate their garbage and also dispose of it, via all media houses and DCOMM. The dump, as well, needs to have a section where different bins are set up to collect all household garbage and recycle them with renewed energy.

24-hour security and CCTV cameras are needed, and have a central post that overlooks all action coming and going from the site. Hefty fines are given to persons that do not follow order and persons found dumping or throwing garbage on public roads. While we continue to find fault and pointing fingers, this is not assisting with the health issues of our people living in Philipsburg and the surrounding areas.

Health care is another factor on our island, which is not up and running in the right direction. While we have hardworking staff working with minimum or nothing at all to assist in every way. After Irma, it was sad visiting the ER, where I witnessed the cleaner, with no gloves, cleaning blood off the floor, personnel running around like crazy, as this was something new to them, but still trying to assist in every possible way.

Our staff needs basic training in times of emergency and trauma. The way the system is set up is not for the poor or middle class. It’s nice to have a vision and get projects up and running, but what we failed in is maintenance and upkeep of said projects.

Our biggest problem today is Transparency, Accountability and Continuity.

By Francelise Mauricia-Peterson

Candidate #7 on SMCP party