Gamma’s RXPro Adopted by St. Maarten’s Pharmacies



MAHO — In 2016, local software developer Gamma IT Solutions developed RXPro, a complete AIS system for the distribution of prescription and non-prescription medicines with all necessary functions and complete medical control.  The robust pharmacy software is used in Aruba and Curacao, with Gamma customizing the software for each individual country.

Most recently, the software was modified specifically for St. Maarten, and Gamma is proud to announce that St. Maarten officially adopted RXPro at the end of November 2017.

The SZV Social & Health Insurance introduced Gamma’s RxPro to all the pharmacies in St. Maarten, where the software will offer a wide variety of benefits to both clients and pharmacies themselves.  Clients will enjoy a higher level of service as well as specific measures that ensure their utmost safety when it comes to medications.

A number of modules guarantee greater efficiency for pharmacies, such as the inventory control module, a built-in “Suggested Purchase Order” module, a module that handles the logistics of magistral preparations, a billing module that automatically handles monthly declarations to SVZ, and much more.

Gamma’s project manager Koos Veel shares, “During the development of the RxPro system, a modular approach was used so that extra modules can be added when necessary.  This approach has enabled us to create an incredibly powerful AIS tool for pharmacies, and consequently we are confident that the pharmacies in St. Maarten will find that RxPro meets their needs very well.  Of course, more modules will be added as more functions are needed.”

The Gamma team is very proud to be working with all the pharmacies in St. Maarten and to be serving all of St. Maarten’s patients. The team also looks forward to ensuring that the appropriate modifications are made to the software as the needs of St. Maarten’s pharmacies change.

This is the second software solution that Gamma introduces to the St. Maarten market, with Payroll Pro Ultra, the most used payroll program in the Caribbean, having been introduced already a few years ago by Gamma’s longtime partner and distributor Antek IT Solutions & Software (