Simpson Bay Bridge Operational

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PORT ST. MAARTEN – The Simpson Bay Bridge is operational.  Scheduled opening times have been set at 10.00 AM and 15.00 PM until further notice.

Vessels should call the bridge attendant on Marine Radio VHF Channel 12 before transiting the bridge.  Outbound traffic will be allowed to transit first.

There is an obstruction near the south side entrance of the bridge channel.  Salavage Operator Koole Mamoet will be removing the aforementioned within short.

All vessels will be transiting the Simpson Bay Lagoon at their own risk.  Mariners should contact marinas for guidance.  All vessels enter the lagoon at their own risk.

The Causeway Bridge is currently out of operation.  Technicians and a bridge repair kit will be arriving from the Netherlands shortly.  The marine community will be kept abreast when the aforementioned is back in operation.