Independence Square still messy after Irma and Maria, return of ships and public criticism



Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 15th 2017 – Following the October 9th story highlighting that Independence Square has been turned into a dumping ground, the ensuing criticism on FaceBook, the visit of three cruise ships and that cruise vessels were returning to Port Zante, it was expected that the relevant authorities would respond to remove the growing mess and restore the landmark to a place of pride.

But it has not happened since the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria on September  and September 19th respectively and the independence events on October 7th.

On Sunday afternoon (October 15th), less than an hour prior to the departure of the cruise ship Adventure of the Seas, The Fountain and the grounds of Independence Square was in a dirtier state than on October 9th  as can be seen in the photos taken at 5:45 p.m.

While plastic bottles, bags, Styrofoam wrappings and paper cups were still in the water surrounding the fountain, tree trunks and branches remained where they were since they were cut up and recently cut grass and several garbage bags filled with trash were piled in more than one place.

Following the October 9th posting on FaceBook, several persons were critical of the situation while others gave suggestions to keep Independence Square tidy.

“Shameful and disgusting,” said Winston Beach.

“Disgraceful,” posted Laurie Hawkins.

“Sad. It was neglected when I saw it last but I wouldn’t have believed it would be allowed to come to this. We need to take care of, and have pride in our surroundings for ourselves first, then for the tourists,” said Joan Liburd.

“Sad that some people have no pride in, or respect for, our country or any ‘broughtsy’ to respect their surroundings. They would not like it if others tossed garbage into their homes,” expressed Douglas Gillanders.

“Disgrace,” posted Tressy Astaphan-Kelsick.

“Come on St. Kitts. Let’s clean this up. The World is watching,” said Sharifa Dewar.

“Who may I ask is throwing most of the garbage but some very unpatriotic people who live here and are just plain nasty,” wrote Hermina Opoku.

While Carol Alvarez felt it was “time to work together and clean up the mess,” Christine Edmeade asked: “What happened to sanitation?”

Wendy Browne was of the view it was time to “stop barbecue and putting up tent and selling in the square at carnival time . It disgusts me.”

Diane Denver Hallstrom felt it was time to stop the talking and “get a committee, put on your old clothes (and) clean up the park.”

“Don’t let the government off the hook. Where are the PEP workers? Who is overseeing the Parks? Poor management it seems,” said Leroy Tyrell Hodge.

“I am really not understanding what St. Kitts has come to,” said Njeri Joseph.

“That fountain was cleaned and painted not too long ago. With that being done, why was the maintenance not kept up?,” said Deborah Adams.