Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson


Man caused serious damage with stolen vehicle

On Wednesday August 30th at approximately 01.15 p.m. a call came in to Emergency Dispatch informing them that an unknown man had stolen a car that was parked in the vicinity of the I-store in Cole Bay. The vehicle in question was stolen was a black Dodge Caliber with license plate M-2140.  All police patrols were informed of the incident and were on the look-out for this vehicle.

At approximately 03.00 p.m. the stolen vehicle was sighted by a patrol driving on the Welfare road in the direction of Simpson Bay. When the suspect noticed the police patrol, which was coming from the other direction had him in sight, he drove the vehicle at high in reverse. During this maneuver he collided with several parked cars causing serious damage. He then continued in a forward motion driving recklessly, with no regard to human safety, at very high speed in the direction of Kruythof round about colliding with several other vehicles to avoid being captured by police.

The police chased after the suspect and in that process fired warning shots, however in the vicinity of Elder drive and Windsor road the suspect abandoned the vehicle and took off on foot. The entire area was searched to locate this suspect but he still remains at large.

This case is under investigation by the Detective Department as well the Police traffic Department. It is still unclear how many vehicles were damage during this entire ordeal.


PUBLIC WARNING: Stolen air-conditioning units

The Detective Department is presently investigating two cases of a large amount stolen air-conditioning units. These two incidents took place last week at two popular establishments in Cole Bay. The Detective Department is hereby warning the entire community not to purchase any air-conditioning unit(s) from persons that don’t operate a legitimate business to do so. The air-conditioning unit you may purchase could be stolen. If the purchased air-conditioning unit turns out to be stolen, the buyer will become a suspect in the investigation.

If anyone have information regarding this investigation should immediately get in contact with the Detective Department by calling 54-22222 ext. 213/214, the anonymous tip line # 9300 or the 911 Emergency Dispatch.


Home invasion – Belvedere – Golden Grove estate – August 14th 2017

On the14th of august 2017 around 01.00 p.m. a black Hyundai Elantra or Accent arrived at a home at Golden Grove Estate in Belvedere. Three unknown men armed with guns forced themselves into the house. The home-owner and her friend were at home when they were threatened and molested by these armed men.

Several shots were fired during the home-invasion. The forensic department and detectives are conducting this investigation and are making good progress. The robbers were not wearing masks and one suspect was recognized.

Police are requesting eye-witnesses or persons with additional information in connection with this case to call 54-22222 ext. 213/214, the anonymous tip line #9300 or the Emergency Dispatch Centre 911 and share this information.