Digi-Summertime Summer Camp hosted 35 new inventors at the Media Lab located in the Philipsburg Jubilee Library for 2 weeks in July. 

The kids, aged 9-16, participated in several workshops like Photoshop, Makey Makey, Laser Cutting, 3D printing, Arduinos and New Age Gaming.  The team of local instructors  kept the participants eager and excited throughout. “The camp was phenominal and amazing. I learnt a lot of stuff which is really beneficial for my future (Siddarth).

The Camp is in its 2nd year and aims at equipping kids with the skills to invent an create tangible products. A great deal of attention is placed on programming and system development as instructors allow kids to use modern day technological tools to bring their imagination to life. “This camp was very interesting. I learnt many new things and got to interact with new people and make some friends” (Kris)

To take the theory to the road the kids were treated to 2 field trips sponsored by UTS where they visited the UTS Headquarters in Philipsburg and the UTS Towers in Pointe Blanche. 

“It was a success, we are very grateful to the parents that enrolled their kids, all of us at DigiWorkz would like to encourage all kids out there to invent and help better the world we live in” said Janushka Mukhi, camp coordinator.

“I enjoyed the stuff at the DigiWorkz Summer Camp. Each day was new, meaning new activities like Arduin0, graphic design. OUr instructors were Marvio, Sjorensly, Daniel and more. Thank you, it was a fun camp and see you soon” (Jai)

The Digi-Summertime Summer Camp is a project, under the DigiWorkz program of the Foresee Foundation.  Parents and kids interested in the DigiWorkz program can contact the Foresee foundation via their Facebook page or by calling 581-5050 for the President of the Foresee Foundation, Jose Sommers – Verschueren.