Official visit of COMGEND


SAINT MARTIN/SAINT BARTHS – On June 29 and 30, Squadron Leader Sébastien Manzoni, Commander of the Gendarmerie of Saint Martin-Saint Barthélémy, received Colonel Jean-Marc Descoux, Commander of the Gendarmerie of Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands, in an official visit.

The visit was somewhat disrupted by the weather, but allowed the head to meet staff of the various services of the company and its reinforcements like: operational support, logistical support services, Secretariat.

A pinning ceremony was organized, where eight military officers were decorated and congratulated:

The Decorated officers were:
– With a military medal: Adjutant/Chief Hervé B. and Constable Didier D;
– National defense medal, the mdl / Chef Guillaume F.;
– National Silver Medal: Captain Céline R.;
– National Defense Medal – Bronze: Deputy Gendarmes Jonathan H. And Matthew G.

Sergeant Emmanuel P. And the mdl / Chief William F were honoured.

Squadron leader Sébastien Manzoni was honoured for “his outstanding way of ordering his forces on the ground on March 29, 2017 when he arrested a villain, having done some mischief.”

On his second day, Colonel Jean-Marc Descoux met with President Gibbs at the community hotel in Marigot.

The 2-day visit was intense, but positive, and made it was possible to draw up a semi-annual report.