InselAir May Soon Use One Of Its MD80 Again




WILLEMSTAD – InselAir can use one of its old MD80 aircraft again if the civil aviation authority has the full documentation.

These are documents about maintenance, crew and flight routes. The aircraft in question has been on the ground for five months.

The Ministry of Traffic and Transport and the Civil Aviation Authorities (CCAA) will facilitate rapid acceleration of InselAir if it complies with international rules of aviation.

According to the CCAA, safety is one of the most important issues in the international aviation sector and InselAir, just like any other airline, must comply with these rules. And this is CCAA’s job.

On the other hand, InselAir is one of the priorities of the Minister in charge, Zita Jesus-Leito. This is why she will do her utmost to help the ailing company in getting back their MD-80. But this cannot go at the expense of safety, said the Minister.

The CCAA had an extensive meeting with InselAir’s professionals to discuss this topic. International regulations indicate that the CCAA must have all the documentations on the maintenance, crew preparations and also the routes that will be flown by this aircraft.

CCAA also needs the financial plans that indicate if it is profitable to generate funds to maintain the aircraft. The sooner the airline can present these documents, the sooner they will have the aircraft back in their active fleet.