The 2017 study financing recipients head to the Netherlands

Photo by Robert J Cijntje


PHILIPSBURG – On July 30th, the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE), co-sponsored by Dominos Pizza, will host the 6th annual ‘Bon Voyage’ ceremony for all 2017 study financing recipients. The ceremony begins at 1:00p.m. and will be stationed in the departure hall. The ceremony will include dj’s, food, and drinks. Family and friends are also invited to attend this joyous ceremony.

Thirty-three (33) students will be traveling to the Netherlands to further their tertiary level education. Two support officers of the Division Study Financing (DSF) will be accompanying the students to the Netherlands, which has been a tradition established over the past few years. The DSF chaperones will also utilize the trip to meet with current students, residing in the Netherlands, who have been experiencing difficulties, and will provide in person assistance.

All departing students are required to assemble at the airport for 12:00p.m. The students will arrive in the Netherlands on July 31st, at 12:00p.m.

Upon the students arrival in the Netherlands, they will be greeted at Schiphol Airport  by the Minister Plenipotentiary in the Netherlands, the honorable Henrietta Doran-York, staff members of the St. Maarten House, the Unified St. Maarten Connection (USC) board members, Study Financing guidance counselors and volunteers.

The students will be shuttled to the ‘Steigenberger Hotel’ where a welcome ceremony will take place. They will be served refreshments, and officially introduced to the Study Financing Guidance counselors, as well as other stakeholders. At the end of the ceremony, the students will depart to their respective cities along with assigned volunteers.

An orientation week will take place during the week of Monday July 31st– Saturday August 5th for the students. The activities range from registration at the Civil Registry, DUO, and the banks, as well as city tours and outfitting of apartments.

The students attending Tallahassee Community College (TCC), will be the only other group of students travelling together, and will leave in August. All other students will be leaving on various dates throughout July and August to commence classes.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS), would like to congratulate  and wish all students leaving the best of luck while pursuing their studies. “Leaving your comfort zone is never easy, but with determination, continuous drive and a great support system you will make it. You won’t always be the smartest student, but you have to be the one willing to work the hardest to see your dreams come to fruition. Ensure you are surrounding yourself with positive individuals who can help you realize your potential and help strengthen your weaknesses. For some, the new journey will open your eyes and allow you to learn new things about yourself. Be a sponge, and harness your inner growth. Remember, as you pursue the goal you’ve set out to accomplish, the road may change, but always remember to keep a keen eye on the reason you embarked on this journey of personal development and adjust your sails accordingly to be able to achieve success.”

Study financing is a privilege and comes with a responsibility to study, make good use of the finances and as good citizen, feel gratitude and accountability to repay the loan portion in order to facilitate the dreams of future students of St. Maarten.