POLICE REPORT June 15 2017

Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson

Information for the Exportation of vehicles

For exporting vehicles (non-resident of Sint Maarten), the following documents are required if you buy a vehicle on Sint Maarten:

  1. The inspection card (original) old or recent
    2. The “Bill of sale”
    3. A letter indicating where the vehicle is being exported to.
    4. Copy of identification of the seller and buyer.
    5. The vehicle must be inspected by our representatives.
    6. Insurance certificate of the vehicle in question (old or recent).

Are you owner (resident of Sint Maarten) of this vehicle and is being exported elsewhere:

  1. The inspection card (original) old or recent
    2. A letter indicating where the vehicle is being exported to.
    3. Copy of Identification of Owner.
    4. The vehicle must be inspected by our representatives.

The days for stamping these documents are as follows: Monday and Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 am at the Traffic Department at the Police Headquarters in Philipsburg.

Suspect in armed robbery arrested.

On Tuesday June 13th at approximately 11.45 p.m. two masked men armed with guns robbed Abu Ghazi snack located in Madame Estate of an undisclosed of cash. An official report was filed in connection with this case and the Special Robbery Unit immediately started an investigation. As a result of this investigation a 29 year old male suspect with initials J.C. was arrested on Wednesday June 14th. The suspect remains in custody while the investigation continues.  Anyone who have information regarding this case should immediately get in contact with the Detectives by calling 54-22222 ext. 213-214, the police anonymous tip line #9300 or the emergency phone line 911.

Suspect caught in the act

During the past few days several reports were made to the police department regarding home break-ins in the Saunders area. On Thursday, June 15th at approximately 10.45 a.m. another such a call came from a resident of Queen of Flowers road to the Community Police Officer of that area, who stated that an unknown person was busy breaking into her home. This information she had received from her daughter that is ill and alone at home.

The Central Dispatch immediately sent several police patrols to investigate what was taken place. On the scene a male suspect with initials K.S. (19) was arrested after he gained access to the home by forcing the locks of a glass sliding door. Tools and other items used during this break-in was also found and confiscated for further investigation. The suspect was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where he remains in custody.

The Police Department is encouraging residents of all neighbourhoods to join the “Look out Alert” group chats of their respective community and to remain in contact with their CPO. In addition the police department wants to also improve the cooperation and communication by continuing to call in and share information with the police regarding any crime or criminal activity.

It is due to the great communication between the resident of this home and the CPO and the quick response of the police patrols that the suspect in this case was caught in the act and immediately arrested.

Additional classes show great results at traffic exam.

For the last three years additional classes in the traffic rules were given, upon request from that school, to students preparing for the yearly School Traffic Exams, by Seargent Rexcarlos Courtar of the Police Traffic Department. This year the Leonard Connor School took advantage of the opportunity to get additional free classes for its students. 17 of the 21 students from the Ruby Labega School passed this exam and 33 of the 41 students from the Leonard Connor School passed this exam successfully. The additional traffic classes definitely had a positive impact on the outcome of the 2017 School Traffic Exams. It is definitely the intention of the Police Department to continue to assist all schools upon request by giving extra classes in preparation for the exams.