NIPA students concerned about their future



CAY HILL – 721news was contacted by reliable sources regarding the status of affairs at NIPA. The source told 721news that students are outraged with the latest developments, especially with the dishonesty displayed by Chairman of the Board Antonio Aventurin on a radio program on Tuesday, June 6. The students tried to call-in to clarify statements, but were refused air time.

Apparently, the Chairman of the Board of NIPA had told the students last week that he is now the Interim Director, although on the radio program on Tuesday, he stated he was not. The sources further told 721news that the Interim Director of NIPA Tasheena Maccow, a social worker by profession, was reportedly escorted off the premises last week, and students were not given the chance to say good-bye to her, which left them feeling extremely hurt and upset. Many of the students at NIPA claim that Maccow saved them, and always encouraged them with their studies as she was their mentor.

Allegedly, students have been warned by the Chairman of the Board not to go to the media and have been threatened with dire consequences, if they do. Sources told 721news that Aventurin also intimidates staff by shouting at them, and telling them to “shut up” if they are trying to make a point. Just recently, a staff member was suspended without pay for speaking her mind.

Sources also stated that the institution is being run like a dictatorship, and the Chairman of the Board is being likened to Fidel Castro. Sources further stated that students just want a future without unnecessary interference. It has become extremely difficult for them to concentrate, and they feel that the developments at the institution are disrupting their learning. The students have literally been brought to tears by the current situation, and fear that teachers will resign, and they will be without instructors, just like it was in the past.