Ministry of VROMI Launches New FREE Mobile APP   



Philipsburg –  The Ministry of VROMI has launched a new mobile app to keep the people of Sint Maarten more informed about the happenings within the Ministry.

The Ministry of VROMI app is the one place that you can be connected to all media platforms the Ministry is associated with, such as: The Ministry of VROMI Facebook page, the Government of Sint Maarten Facebook page as well as The official Government of Sint Maarten website.

The Ministry of VROMI app was made in such a way that it is user friendly to everyone with a smartphone or tablet.

The Ministry of VROMI app user will be able to keep up to date with all press releases and news feeds from the Ministry of VROMI Facebook page. The user will also get notifications of urgent happenings in the Ministry, such as road closures and updates on new projects. The app provides easy access to all the services the Ministry provides. One can also submit a complaint by sending short messages with a complaint and get in contact with the Ministry of VROMI directly.

The Ministry of VROMI app is available on Google play and the I store.

Honorable Minister Christopher Emmanuel has expressed his excitement about the app. He is  dedicated to serving the people of Sint Maarten and this app is just another tool to help accomplish this goal.