Phase 1 of Back Street repairs completed



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten –  The second phase of Backstreet repairs began on Monday May 8, 2017 which commenced at the Zoutsteeg and will end at the intersection near Angelo’s boutique.

Completion of the second stage will take approximately two weeks depending on how many persons request connection to the sewage line and the weather.

The complete Backstreet repairs are separated in 5 phases. Asphalt will be poured until Weduwen Steeg. After that point the road will be leveled by the repairing of sections of bricks until the end Backstreet.   Subsequently  road markings will be painted, the curbs will be painted black and white and the bus stops will be painted yellow. The bollards on the back street will also be removed. This will not only enhance the appearance of the hectic strip but also give pedestrians more walking space.  Honorable Minister Christopher Emmanuel is also looking into having benches and durable trash bins placed on the Backstreet.

Honorable Minister Emmanuel strongly believes Philipsburg sets the standard for the other districts and should always be in a superior state.

The Backstreet project is a joint project between the Ministries of VROMI and TEATT, whereby The Ministry of TEATT is providing the finances and the Ministry of VROMI is overseeing the project executed by the main contractor Windward Roads.

Honorable Minister of VROMI, Minister Emmanuel, advises pedestrians to be very cautious in this area. Not only from uneven walkways but also hot asphalt.  For further inquiries regarding being connected to the sewage line on Backstreet, please contact the Department of Infrastructure of the Ministry of VROMI via telephone number +1 721 5424289.