Motorworld opens state of the art Showroom



COLEBAY, Sint Maarten — Motorworld will be officially opening its state of the art showroom on Friday, May 26 with an official ceremony to mark the completion of the beautiful structure located on  Welfare Road 20, Cole bay. This showroom is unique in the sense that it is the largest motor vehicle show room in the Caribbean.

This brand new state of the art show room is multi-branded, with each vehicle brand showcased at the show room receiving its own identity. Vehicles  brands that will be featured in the showroom are: Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram. Battery charging outlets are placed below each car to showcase LED lights all day and night.

There is also a designated premium car area for future Genesis models, a state of the art conference room, and offices upstairs are fully surrounded by glass. LED lighting will be used throughout the building with surround sound speakers with Bluetooth functionality installed throughout the building.

Visiting customers can expect a dedicated customer lounge with a devoted reception desk. For the convenience of the customers there will be free snacks, soft drinks and coffee on hand all day. There is also a power-bank with charging stations.

Besides the beautiful vehicles and the customer lounge the building will also house the offices of the chief executive officer, the managing director along with most of the executive managers and their support staff, but most importantly the sales team will be housed in the building.

721news would like to congratulate Motorworld on their official opening of their state of the art unique showroom here on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.