TPI expands services to improve organizations   



SIMPSON BAY – Training Professionals International Firm (TPI) expanded their services to include Organizational Restructuring Plans, Company Retreats, Staff Coaching, Company Events, and has expanded their list of accredited trainings to include: Project Management, Strategic Thinking, Supervision, Time Management, Customer Service, Management and Leadership, Administrative and Executive, Coaching and much more.

TPI’s new services have been developed based on the latest global business trends and best practices being utilized by successful organizations all over the world. “TPI takes pride in not being a typical company that offers basic employee training, we offer organizational solutions at every level of the organization, frontlines, supervisory, managerial, leadership and board level.

TPI’s new services are tailor made for Managing Directors, Management Teams, Top Leadership and Boards members as our primary focus,” a TPI release said.

“We understand the important roles leadership plays in progressive organizations and want to maintain our position as their preferred firm. A firm that makes their strategic goals a top priority and remains a supportive partner in their ongoing organizational success every step of the way.

We recognize that from time to time good organizations can get off track. Many simply need an improved, rejuvenated direction, a new way of being productive,” the release continued.

“One of our new services, the Organizational Restructuring Plan provides our clients with a comprehensive organizational analysis report, developed for small and large organizations. The analytical defined process, reviews the organization’s departments in detail, one by one and provides clients with measurable recommendations on how to improve systems and processes. The analysis includes hosting strategic internal focus groups that allows employees to become involved in the Change Management process and partners with the Human Resource department to ensure the recommendations are monitored, implemented, supported by leadership and engages employee buy-in and participation. The process unifies organizations and fosters a win-win approach that ensures short and long term success,” the release stated.

President and CEO of TPI Dr. Natasha Gittens stated in a recent press release: “TPI’s team provides our clients with expertise and knowledge to help their organizations strive and pursue positive Change Management. We are the friendly sounding board that alerts organizations leaders, that the way they have done business in the past may have been acceptable but not highly beneficial to effective production, successful projects, increased profits and only marginally engaged employee buy-in. Our services will position progressive organization with reaching their full potential and exceling in their diverse sectors.”

For more information on TPI’s new services for organizations, contact Marketing at: Call 526-2050 or 2052. Visit TPI on the web at