SMSEF Interscholastic Tournament DAY 9



Category Team   Team Score
9U Sr. Regina United vs Hillside 0 – 7
9U Learning Unlimited vs Sr. Magda Green Boys 8 – 3
9U Leonald Connor vs Sr. Magda Athletics 6 – 0
9U M.A.C. vs FC Regina 3 – 5
13U Learning Unlimited vs Sr. M. Laurence 4 – 1
13U Ruby Labega vs M.L.King 6 – 2
13U Sr. Magda United vs Leonald Connor 2 – 2


9U: Sr. Regina United vs Hillside: 0 – 7.

Man of the Match à  Luke Brooke #7

The first match of Day 9 placed Sr. Regina United 9U against Hillside 9U. Both teams had three points in the league table and still had a chance to qualify for the play-offs. For this reason, both teams started the first half with determination. Sr. Regina United initially showed some good plays and put pressure on their opponents. Hillside then switched to a more offensive approach and scored 4 goals during the first half. During the second half, Hillside scored 3 more, also thanks to a remarkable performance of number 30 Luke Brooke. Lastly, Hillside won 7 – 0 over Sr. Regina United.

9U: Learning Unlimited vs Sr. Magda Green Boys: 8 – 3.

Man of the Match à  Maxime Gibbs #18

The second 9U match of Day 9 saw Learning Unlimited facing Sr. Magda United in a high-scoring match. Learning Unlimited had a better start in the first half, showing good team chemistry and knowledge of the game. The first half ended 4 -1 for Learning Unlimited. At the beginning of the second half, Sr. Magda Green Boys re-organised their defence and then adopted a more offensive approach. This brought them to score two more goals during the second half. However, Learning Unlimited stepped up their game and scored more goals through some deadly counter-attacks. Lastly, Learning Unlimited won 8 – 3 against Sr. Magda Green Boys.

9U: Leonald Connor – Sr. Magda Athletics: 6 – 0.

Man of the Match à  James Kennison #10

The third 9U match saw Leonald Connor playing against Sr. Magda Athletics. Despite being already qualified, Leonald Connor played at their best and showed a strong mindset. Sr. Magda Athletics defended well during the first half, but was too unlucky to find their way to the net. During the second half, the match started being played more aggressively, also due to the heavy rain who was causing the ball to get stuck in some parts of the field. However, the pace of the match did not slow down and plenty of opportunities were created by both teams. Lastly, Leonald Connor won 6 – 0 against Sr. Magda Athletics.

9U: M.A.C vs FC Regina: 3 – 5.

Man of the Match à  Wilenda Gourdet # 18

The last 9U match was played between two teams who find themselves at the top of the table: M.A.C and FC Regina. Sr. Regina FC had 12 points while M.A.C had 15 points, but played one more game than FC Regina. The first half witnessed a very strong start from FC Regina, who scored four early goals and seemed to be controlling the match. During the closing minutes of the first half, M.A.C started playing more offensive and scored a late goal. At the beginning of the second half, M.A.C started attacking more on the wings and scored two goals to set the result on a 4 – 3. FC Regina then started to keep more ball possession and lastly avoided M.A.C’s comeback by scoring a nice goal and setting the end result on 5 – 3. Lastly, M.A.C and FC Regina both have 15 points and share the top position with Leonald Connor who also has 15 points.

13U: Learning Unlimited – Sr. Marie Laurence: 4 – 1.

Man of the Match à  Oliver Hogbood #2

The first 13U match of Day 9 was played between Learning Unlimited and Sr. Marie Laurence. As the first half started off, both teams were playing with determination and at a high tempo. After two early goals scored by Learning Unlimited, among which one scored through a beautiful volley by Tarique Sylvester, the pace of the game started to slow down. The second half, has not been as exciting as the first one and the game started to get more physical. Sr. Marie Laurence then found their way to the net in the first minutes of the second half. Learning Unlimited however kept up their good passing showed during the first half and scored 2 more goals. In conclusion, Learning Unlimited won 4 – 1 against Sr. Marie Laurence.

13U: Ruby Labega vs M. L. King: 6 – 2.

Man of the Match à  Gaven Barnes #13

The second 13U match of Day 9 of the SMSEF Interscholastic Tournament placed Ruby Labega against M. L. King. Both teams showed a good level of football during the previous matches and expectations were high. Ruby Labega started putting pressure on their opponents since the first minutes of the first half. For this reason, their defence was playing very high. However, playing this risky showed its result, with Ruby Labega scoring 3 goals during the first half. The second half was certainly more exciting than the first one. M. L. King found scored 2 goals in the second half while Ruby Labega scored 3 more. Lastly, Ruby Labega won 6 – 2 over M. L. King.

13U: Sr. Magda United vs Leonald Connor: 2 – 2.

Sr. Magda United Goal Scorers à  Jorginho Singodikromo #7 (1), Safin Bashir #3 (1)

 Leonald Connor Goal Scorers à Jean Eddy Boireau #3 (1), Drae Murray #10 (1)

Man of the Match à  Jorginho Singodikromo #7

The last match of Day 9 of the SMSEF Interscholastic Tournament saw Sr. Magda United playing Leonald Connor, in a very though match. Sr. Magda surprised the spectators by playing a remarkable match, both from a technical and physical standpoint. Their determination gave them the lead during the first minutes of the game, as Leonald Connor was trying to gain control of the match. During the closing minutes of the first half, Leonald Connor came back with a good goal. The second half has been surely more exciting, with both teams pushing their offense in the attempt of scoring the goal that would give them the lead. So did Magda United, who scored the goal of the lead through a quick combination play. Leonald Connor then instantly equalised, as the match was almost over. Lastly, Sr. Magda United tied 2 – 2 against Leonald Connor.