Minister Jacobs visit Leonald Conner students at the CLB school



COLEBAY – On Tuesday, April 4th, the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Ms. Silveria Jacobs was invited by to the cycle one year one class at the Leonald Conner School. Teacher Charles-constant Rollan invited Minister Jacobs to visit the cycle one, year one students. The students have been focusing and learning about the local government for the last two weeks. Both teacher Rollan and teacher Fina have been teaching the 23 students about the various Ministries and the tasks and functions of each Ministry.

Teacher Rollan took the opportunity to invite the Minister of Education to the classroom where the students officially welcomed, interacted and had a fellowship with Minister Jacobs. The students along with Minister Jacobs took part in a class activity whereby each student colored a portrait of the Minister.

Minister Jacobs spoke to the children and prompted  various questions to the students. She encouraged the students to work hard, remain focus, and respect their parents and teachers.

The visit ended with a thank you medley dedicated to the Minister for being an inspiration to the teachers and the students. Teacher Rollan thanked the Minister for starting her day coloring her portrait with the students. The students remained excited throughout the entire visit and were elated to display their work to Minister Jacobs. Minister Jacobs received a token of appreciation which was presented by teacher Rollan and Teacher Fina.