Integrity chamber for St. Maarten

Minister Ronald Plasterk of the Interior and Kingdom Relations


THE NETHERLANDS – The Kingdom Council of Ministers on a proposal by Minister Ronald Plasterk of the Interior and Kingdom Relations approved a General Order in Council, which regulates the establishment of an Integrity Chamber of St. Maarten.

The proposal states that the Integrity Chamber supervisory will have advisory functions to research suspicions of integrity violations, and provides compelling recommendations to the government of St. Maarten on how to handle this. If necessary, it will be reported if there are any offenses. In addition, the Integrity Chamber advises the government of St. Maarten on integrity policy and proposes it. The Integrity Chamber is appointed by the Kingdom Council of Ministers and reports thereto.

The content of the various reports on the integrity issue in St. Maarten shows that corruption, bribery and nepotism in all walks of life occurs, even in the political administration. Earlier, there was agreement on St. Maarten country legislation to establish such an Integrity House.

The government of St. Maarten, supported by the Parliament of St. Maarten, will not introduce this legislation. This has become clear that St. Maarten is not independent, and intends to address the integrity issues adequately. Given the seriousness of the situation, the Kingdom government is forced to give substance to its responsibility for governance in the Kingdom and to regulate the Integrity House via a General Order in Council.

The cabinet has agreed to send the General Order in Council for recommendation to the Council of State of the Kingdom.