GEBE putting customers first



PHILIPSBURG – N.V. GEBE is putting customers first and has launched a new campaign, “GEBE PUTTING YOU FIRST!”

The campaign launched on April 1, and the primary purpose is to ensure that all valued GEBE customers understand their service options, receive information on the new automated billing system and process, encourage customers to enroll online to pay, view bills and to pick up their GEBE Customer Care Card. GEBE is working diligently to inform their customers proactively on the changes that will be effective on May 1.

The “GEBE PUTTING YOU FIRST” campaign will include awareness with diverse commercials coupled with community events and consistent information in the media to get all GEBE customers up to speed. GEBE wants to help customers feel positive about the new changes and initiated the launch to give everyone the opportunity to understand their new services.

One big change is, since last year GEBE has been transitioning old meters to new digital meters. Currently there are new digital meters being installed daily so the process is steadfast and ongoing.

All customers residing in current digital meter areas are now on the new automated GEBE Billing system. Those customers will no longer receive a “white slip,” GEBE’s notification of disconnection. The automated system will automatically disconnect service without notice. The automated system will continue to issue a NAf. 5 one-time charge 1 day after the due date for both water and electricity.

In addition, official disconnection will take place 6 days (a week) later, 14 days later the meter will be removed. If a customer’s meter is removed they will have to reapply for GEBE service. GEBE will also no longer print disconnection notices in the local newspapers once all customers have been transitioned to digital meters.

All digital meters are scheduled to be completely installed by the end of December 2018 and all customers will be immediately placed on the automated billing system.

GEBE is taking a proactive approach to alerting customers early of the changes to avoid valued customers from finding themselves in uncomfortable situations. Customers are encouraged to pick up their Customer Care Card at any branch location and receive immediate access to important GEBE numbers like the Help Desk and Emergency Hotline.

In addition, local consumer banking routing and account numbers are conveniently located on the card to encourage customers to enroll in online banking stress-free.

GEBE’s primary goal is to help all customers plan to manage their bills and payments wherever they are in the world, using their online user-friendly easy payment method and enjoy GEBE services with a piece of mind.  If you have not registered your account for online billing and payments, stop by any GEBE branch for immediate assistance or go directly to and register.

GEBE is encouraging customers to provide their current email and phone number(s) at This will afford GEBE the opportunity to contact customers regarding their bills and support customers with all their customer service needs. GEBE is putting you first!

For more information contact: GEBE at or the helpdesk at number 546-1100 or 546-1160.