SMSEF Interscholastic Tournament DAY 4



Category Team Team Score
9-U M.A.C vs Leonald Conner 4 – 2
9-U F.C. Regina vs Learning Unlimited 17 – 2
11-U Sr. Borgia vs Pr. W. Alexander 7 – 3
11-U Sr. M. Laurence vs M.A.C 2 – 9
11-U M. L. King vs Learning Unlimited 1 – 8
13-U Sr. M. Laurence vs Sr. Magda United Stars 9 – 2
13-U M. L. King vs Leonald Conner 0 – 7


9U: M.A.C. vs Leonald Conner: 4 – 2.

M.A.C. Goal Scorers à  Harrison Hobgood # 11 (2), Tyler Sergeant #17 (1), Ray Thomas #6 (1).

Leonald Conner Goal Scorers à  Own Goal (1), Roshard Edward #4 (1).

The opening match of DAY 4 of the Interscholastic Tournament saw M.A.C 9U facing Leonald Conner 9U in a close match. M.A.C had initially a better start, but Leonald Conner, once their pace was set, expressed indeed quality football. The first half has surely been more exciting, with five goals scored and ending 4 – 1 for M.A.C. During the second half, M.A.C tried to slow down the rhythm of the game, given their advantage. However, Leonald Conner showed great determination in trying to give a twist to the match, and lastly scored one more goal. Man of the match à  Ray Thomas #6.

9U: F.C. Regina vs Learning Unlimited: 17 – 2.

F.C. Regina Goal Scorers à Jefferson Stop #48 (2), Raynicio Drenthe #4 (2), Aiden Banting #62 (3), Wilenda Gourdet #18 (5), Ronil Garcìa #1 (4), Peer Van Sleeuwen #2 (1).

Learning Unlimited Goal Scorers à Maxime Gibbs #18 (1), Lucien Altier #28 (1).

The second game of DAY 4 of the Interscholastic Tournament has been played between other two 9U teams: F.C. Regina and Learning Unlimited. This, was certainly a high scoring match, with a record-breaking 19 goals scored in total. During the first half, both teams were still studying each other and avoiding to take unnecessary risk. Despite this, the first half ended 5 – 1 for F.C. Regina. The second half, which has been surely more exciting, witnessed a great start for F.C Regina, who scored plenty of goals in the initial minutes. Learning Unlimited needs to be given credit for their willpower, which brought them to not surrender and play high-intensity until the last minute. Man of the match à  Wilenda Gourdet #18.

11U: Sr. Borgia vs Pr. W. Alexander: 7 – 3.

Sr. Borgia Goal Scorers à Amadeus Aventurin #9 (2), Jeremy Peters #10 (1), Cevano Carty #11 (2), #3 (2).

Pr. W. Alexander Goal Scorers à Jamaal Flanders #11 (3).

The first 11U match of DAY 4 of the Interscholastic Tournament has put Sr. Borgia against Pr. W. Alexander in an interesting match. Both teams were coming from a loss in their previous match, so it was clear that motivation was high. The first half ended 5 – 2 for Sr. Borgia, after 15 minutes of quality and high-intensity football. During the second half, Pr. W. Alexander entered the pitch with the right mindset for a comeback and scored one goal. Sr. Borgia tried to control the game, even if this has not been always possible given Pr. W. Alexander good ball possession. Despite this, they managed to score 2 goals more, sealing a 7 – 3 victory over Pr. W. Alexander. Man of the Match à Jamaal Flanders #11.

11U: Sr. Marie Laurence vs M.A.C: 2 – 9.

Sr. Marie Laurence Goal Scorers à Caiden #14 (1), Alishandro Brown #19 (1).

M.A.C. Goal Scorers à Amani Micheal #2 (3), Triston Lion-a-Tjam #13 (1), Daniel Hobgood #7 (5).

The fourth match of DAY 4 has been played between Sr. Marie Laurence 11U and M.A.C 9U. During the initial minutes, Sr. Marie Laurence has been dominating the game and proving their quality by scoring two early goals. M.A.C, however, did not back down and after conceding two goals kept their playing style without losing focus and scored 4 goals in an exciting comeback. The result at half-time was 4 – 2 for M.A.C. During the second half, Sr. Marie Laurence showed that they were not giving up, and built up many good plays. On the other hand, M.A.C continued in what they have been shown in the first half and scored other five goals. Man of the match à  Daniel Hobgood #7.

11U: M. L. King vs Learning Unlimited: 1 – 8.

  1. L. King Goal Scorers à Kemani Rize #11 (1).

Learning Unlimited Goal Scorers à Connor Scripps-Ewing #24 (3), Yuvraj Vaswani #25 (2), Leone Marshall #2 (1), Frans Richardson #4 (1), Ajani Blake 10# (1).

The third 11U match of the day, saw M. L. King and Learning Unlimited playing each other for the three points. The particularity of the match, relied in the fact that all team members of M. L. King 11U were female players, while all team members of LU were male players. M. L. King has been playing at high intensity throughout all the match, both on and off the ball. Their determination and counter-attack ability has to be given credit. The first half, ended 3 – 1 for Learning Unlimited, who showed good team chemistry. During the second half, the rhythm slowed down and M. L. King could not find their way to the goal despite an excellent performance from a technical and physical point of view. Conversely, LU has been very cynical during the second half and closed the match with an 8 – 1 win. Man of the Match à  Kemani Rize #11.

13U: Sr. Marie Laurence vs Sr. Magda United Stars: 9 – 2

Sr. Marie Laurence Goal Scorers à  Quincy Busby #5 (2), Andreus Leon #17 (1), n.d. #16 (3), Jonatan Chumney #12 (1), Nigel Laurenceau #9, Omari Alexander #10

Sr. Magda United Stars Goal Scorers à  Safin Bashir #3 (1), Taj Maronie #5 (1), D’Angelo Bute #11 (1).

The first 13U match of DAY 4 faced Sr. Marie Laurence and Sr. Magda United Starts against each other. The first half has been very tight, with both teams attacking strong but without leaving any gaps in defence. This, has made it difficult for the teams to find their way to the goal, and this has been testified by a low scoring first half, which ended 2 – 1 for Marie Laurence. The second half, which has surely been more captivating, has seen both defences opening up, leaving plenty of space for their opponents. In particular, Marie Laurence best exploited this aspect, and scored an astonishing 7 more goals. Sr. Magda, however, created many worthy chances, but has been very unlucky and surely deserved to score more than one goal during the second half. Lastly, the closing minutes were played at low pace, with the end result of 9 to 2 for Marie Laurence 13U. Man of the Match à  Quincy Busby.

13U: M. L. King vs Leonald Conner: 7 – 0

  1. L. King Goal Scorers à Tyrese Klhyte #7 (5), Philando Parchment #9 (2).

Leonald Conner Goal Scorers à   /

The last game of the Interscholastic Tournament DAY 4, has been played between M. L. King and Leonald Conner. During this game, Leonald Conner’s number 7, Tyrese Klhyte, showed his excellent period of form, scoring 5 goals and also playing unselfish by assisting twice. Despite Tyrese’s perfect game, Leonald Conner performed excellent as a whole and showed quality football by winning 7 – 0. Their opponents, M. L. King, showed however great sportsmanship by continuing playing on their standards and not losing their nerves. By doing so, they delivered a good performance, which surely deserved at least one or more goals scored. Man of the Match à  Keysha Rize #6.