Police restrains mental patient.



Police report: PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Wednesday March 29th at approximately 09.50 a.m. a police patrol saw SUV driving on the A. Th. Illidge road with outdated license plates. The patrol followed this vehicle and directed the female driver to stop the vehicle on several occasions but she refused to.  She continued driving with the intention to get away from the police. Close to the intersection at the Prince Bernard Bridge she blocked by the patrol at which time she was forced to stop.

The patrol then approached the female driver and asked her to exit the vehicle which she again refused. A towing truck was sent to the scene to have this vehicle towed. The driver however continued to refuse exiting the vehicle. The patrol then decided to have this female removed from the vehicle using the necessary force.

At the time the patrol did not know the identity of the female driver.  After the driver was removed from the vehicle she continued to resist the patrol. This is when the patrol was informed by onlookers and by-stander that the person in question was a doctor with initials A.A. and that she is suffering from mental illness.

The female continued to resist heavily but had to be restrained by the patrol using the necessary force in order for her to be taken to the Sint Maarten Medical Center to get the necessary medical attention. The situation ended by A.A. received the necessary medical attention and no other person(s) being injured.