ECYS Ministry teams up with SXM DOET

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sports Affairs Silveria Jacobs


PHILIPSBURG – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs (ECYS) will embark on a project, where all public schools will be gifted with a mural, incorporating the school’s theme.

“As a Ministry, it is important that we lead by example in giving back to the community. Hence, all workers within the Ministry ECYS are being encouraged to collaborate by volunteering for SXM DOET especially as it pertains to the public Schools or other public entities and organizations,” a release said.

The SXM DOET projects will be on March 10 and 11. However, the Ministry’s projects will be on March 11.

The invitation is being extended to the public where together all can portray what is being depicted in art form. The idea of a mural depicting peace, love, unity, tolerance or some other strong positive value, which can be demonstrated through art will be relevant for years to come.

“Hopefully, we can all see the benefit of such a community endeavor and can identify something we can collaborate to execute over the designated days,” the release continued.

“We will only be catering to 3 public schools, namely, Marie Genevieve de Weever, Ruby Labega, and Leonald Conner School. Each school has chosen a theme, namely Unity, Education and Tolerance,” the release explained.

To register for a project, sign up at Each school is listed as “Peace Mural” with the school name at the bottom. “I would like to encourage the general population and the entire government entity, to volunteer and make this event a success,” the release concluded.

For those unavailable to volunteer on March 11, prepping of the walls will also need to take place on March 5 and 6. Anyone interested and available for March 5 and 6, for prepping and priming of the walls can call: 520-0285 for more information on the times.