Actions speak louder than words



To whom it may concern

I would like the following that I will be highlighting in the letter below to be taken to consideration

In order for a change to happen the following that are below needs to be taken some serious measures and not just say by taking that they will be taking into consideration but start taking action against starting to work on the change.

  • Smoking students are being allowed to enter the premises with management being aware that they are high. Because of allowing students and every one to have a small amount of drugs, this is the number one problem here at the school. So what will be the consequences towards these students?
  • Need mentor hour to be kept every morning. In order to check every morning which students are at school?
  • What is one of the issue we have? Government doesn’t have enough interest for this school.
  • Whenever teachers ask for items, it takes forever and sometimes it doesn’t come, so proper teaching cannot happen.
  • Government needs to put more interest in this school by providing materials that are needed.
  • The classrooms behind the school need to be finished. Building the classrooms in order for the students to be comfortable. That way teachers can set up their classroom to teach at a higher level.
  • Practical hours need to be extended. It’s impossible to get all that needs to be done for an experiment in the limited time that is given
  • Police should be coming to the school every morning to do searches. Yes, teachers are doing the searches, but they are not trained for that. The police is trained for that, so the police can search properly, and find the items that students hide in their bag or on their body. What police can find  on students, teachers might not find on them because they are not trained to do searching.
  • Police should also be in all high school areas when the students are coming out, not just come out when a fight happens. School ID card should be put in place again and needs to be done properly. The ID card was given to me and I was told that the school ID is for if you are seen by any police, they can ask to see your ID, which was never done.
  • Police should check the ID cards, their address and everything, so that if you are found in an area that you are not supposed to be in, they can carry you into the station until your parents come for you.
  • It’s very nice to come by the school when there are special events or when there is an urgent meeting like this, but that does not make any difference if what is being said today is not being enforced with very hard consequences. You should not wait until something happens to come up by the school.

Inspectorate needs to come by the school at least two weeks in a month. The Minister of Education should send when one of her assistants to check what’s happening by the school, not only when there are special events, but also during regular school days.

  • Need to provide management with more training to deal with situations properly and not carry yourself down to the level of the person. Respect needs to be given in order to earn respect.
  • There should be consequences to students who disrespect a teacher, or try hit to a teacher. They should be put to community service, and it should also be considered as a crime.
  • Security Company needs to supervise the persons they place in this location. They need to have security persons that are fit and able to stop a fight and are properly trained.
  • Need someone that comes around the school and check the windows, the doors, and many more items to make sure that they are properly working so that the school is safe.
  • Parents that allow their son or daughter to misbehave, should not allow that. If you can’t handle your son or daughter carry them to the Miss Lalie Center. Don’t come by the school and when you are told what your son or daughter do, you ask the teacher or management what you can do.
  • A lot of parents are not picking up their child’s report card. This should have consequences.
  • Need to put a rule in place where parents are not to come by the school dressed inappropriately.
  • The persons who steals a teacher’s phone or school property and is caught should be punished.
  • Phones should be taken away from students, and handed back at the end of the year. It’s very easy to take the phone from them today. Let them pay some money. Some don’t even pay and tomorrow you have the same problem.

Because of allowing a little bit of drugs for students, that’s why we are in this situation today. You can imagine some of them are slow learners already, and then you allow them to have a small amount of drugs. It’s like a hard drive buffering and you add more load on to it and it automatically explodes and starts to behave badly.

  • Our next main problem is that most students that are thrown out of other schools are being placed here because of their behaviour problems, so they bring that same attitude here.
  • Students that are thrown out of other schools should be placed in a special school.
  • As long as the items I highlighted are not being put in place with the mandatory orders, you can come up here 50 times and nothing will change.

The school’s students have a lot of potential. Just not enough support is being given by parents and by the government. It doesn’t make sense for us to open a discussion and not give parents voice. They were not given time to voice their opinion. On paper it is not really important. The voice is the most important. The voice they should have been given is a time to speak about how they think this school can be improved. Once enough interest is given on both sides by government, and by parents saying that you give full support, doesn’t guarantee that is being done. Actions speak louder than words.

If it’s because of time that parents were not allowed to voice their opinion, it should be hosted in the night when must parents are not working, so that you can hear what the parents think about this whole situation. If management is allowed to speak, it is not fair at that moment. You would not get anywhere close to solving the issue. Then it doesn’t make sense for parents to waste their time if you are only going to discuss what you expect from parents. Management also have a lot of shortcomings, also so do parents, who should be given the opportunity to voice what they expect from government and management.


Joel Perez Martinez

Student at SMVTS