TPI impressed with new GEBE Managing Board  



PHILIPSBURG – Training Professionals International (TPI) Firm facilitated two Building Effective Teams (BET) Retreats for NV GEBE on Thursday, January 2, and Friday, January 3, at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort for valued GEBE Distribution Department managers and supervisors, and have several others GEBE retreats scheduled for the end of the month.

The retreats will continue to focus on identifying, planning and setting measurable goals for the GEBE departments in 2017, and take a close look at the timeliness of project completions, improve internal and external department communication and most importantly provide better services to GEBE’s diverse clientele and placing the community at large as a “primary” emphasis.

President and CEO of TPI Dr. Natasha Gittens stated in a recent press release: “I am feeling very proud to support the GEBE’s Managing Board (MB) with taking a microscopic look at the functions, operations and deliverables of all 11 GEBE departments. The new MB is an impressive team that understands the key to running a learning organization, requires keen observation of services, reinvestment in staff development and training and developing new goals to achieve organizational success one department at a time. In synergy, they have formulated a strong platform for the future of GEBE and by consulting with TPI has locked in the concept that overall success is inevitable. TPI is committed to supporting the MB with moving forward, and will continue to be a firm in the Caribbean that supports all of our clients with valuable, accredited trainings and organizational best practices to maintain their positons as leaders in their sectors.”

The Distribution Team managers and supervisors had much to say about the BET retreats:

“We’re moving forward to take GEBE to another level after this retreat!” Christian Jules, GEBE Distribution Supervisor;

“Take your career and your life in your own hands! Uplifting, memorable retreat experience.”  Lucien Benschop, Head Plan Bureau, GEBE Distribution liaison;

“The Sky is not the limit for GEBE!” Ronald Jacobs, GEBE Distribution Supervisor;

“Team Work to Success!” Sidney Clemencia, Department Head, Distribution;

“GEBE is moving forward to serve the community better.” Albert Fleming, GEBE Distribution Supervisor;

“TPI achieved the purpose of BET for the GEBE Distribution team. This retreat established building blocks for moving forward.” Emmanuel Brooks, Distribution Team Manager.

For more information on TPI and the BET Retreats email: or visit TPI website @ or call (721) 526-2050/2052.