President of TPI speaks on customer service



SIMPSON BAY – Training Professionals International Firm (TPI) President and CEO Dr. Natasha J. Gittens, a recognized expert in Customer Service Relations, had an article “The Constant in Diverse organizations is Customer Service,” recently published on the coralrange website.

Dr. Gittens recently joined the team of hospitality experts earlier this month. Coralrange is one of the leading regional Caribbean consultancy organization that provides solutions for the Caribbean tourism and hospitality industries. Sara Burnett, a representative of coralrange, stated in a recent press release, “The article will reach hundreds of thousands utilizing our massive client base internationally.”

The published article reads: The constant in diverse organizations is customer service. It is hard to imagine a life without customer service. We have all become accustomed to having our needs met by someone when pursuing a purchase of a product or service, and especially when dealing with the Caribbean tourism and hospitality industries.

In many diverse organizations around the world, customer service is the driving force to their success and it is that constant force that differentiates them from their competitors. With over 30 plus years employed by and teaching in customer service driven sectors, it becomes apparent that no matter which organization or business it is, customer service takes precedence over everything else.

In hospitality colleges and universities all over the world, it is imperative to facilitate effectively by encouraging interactive learning and fostering collaborative and independent thinking in both asynchronous online learning communities and traditional classroom settings in the Caribbean. These best practices aside, the singular constant is that all professors in this field feel mandated to provide students with quality customer service excellence.

It is a non-negotiable factor among the best educators in the world. In order for students and adult learners to be successful the professor or facilitator must engage them in a worthwhile learning experience. We must be consistently accessible to answer questions in a timely manner and accommodate the students’ progressive growth and development in the course or online community. We are there to ensure that the product of education is delivered and the customer (the student) is satisfied.

In short: we must provide outstanding customer service. Ironically the constant referred to as customer service is never changing. It is like the Empire State Building in New York City. It’s a landmark: powerful, enticing, captivating, memorable, marvelous and historical. Like a landmark, customer service is the capstone of all successful organizations, including colleges and universities.

When an organization of any nature offers quality customer service it is powerful. When an organization provides consistent customer service they entice and captivate customers to return and spread the word. When organizations provide memorable customer service, people want to visit time and time again. Customer Service is a historical constant that must be preserved, pursued and embraced by professionals in diverse organizations globally and especially those in the Caribbean hospitality and tourism industries. It is the one constant in organizational success that must be preserved and embraced in the new millennium.

When service excellence is a priority for an organization, profits become secondary.

Written by: Dr. Natasha J. Gittens, PhD, CHE, CHT