Minister Emmanuel finalizes agreement with Mildrum Road reps



SOUTH REWARD – Minister of VROMI Christophe Emmanuel has been working diligently to finalize the public/private agreement between the residents residing on Mildrum Road (also known as Waymouth Hill) and Government. This agreement has been completed and signed.

Large sections of Mildrum Road have been severely damaged by erosion from rainwater runoff, to such an extent that in some places underground cables have been exposed, deep gullies traverse the road and existing pavement is severely cracked.

This condition makes the road difficult to use and causes excessive wear and tear on the vehicles going in and out of that area.

With the finalization of the agreement this situation will be improved shortly. The project will consist of installation of a fiber-reinforced concrete road. Pavement sections, which are severely damaged will be replaced with fiber-reinforced concrete.