Planning to travel? Check with the Prosecutor’s Office for your outstanding traffic fines



OVER THE BANK – The large number of outstanding traffic fines that need to be paid, and the lack of income for government, is one reason the Government has turned to Immigration at the airport to help catch people who owe traffic fines.

Last month, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed our newsroom that different individuals have been stopped at the airport after they tried to leave St. Maarten to go on vacation or for other reasons. These individuals were reported as having outstanding traffic fines, and failure to pay those fines resulted in them being stopped by Immigration control at the airport.

One individual was immediately arrested and brought to the police station, who then had to call in relatives to help them pay the money owed. Later, the individual was released to continue on his trip.

Traffic fines are also a summons to court in case you disagree with the fine. By not paying the fine, the court sentences you to a higher cost of the traffic violation, and failure to pay will result in the court also implementing a number of days you will have to serve in jail.

By the time, Immigration Police catches the violator, they will arrest them based on the verdict of the judge, and the execution of the days in jail will begin.

So it’s wise that if you know you have an outstanding traffic fine, you are urged to go to the Prosecutor’s Office and pay. However, please note, they only accept the Maestro card. You can also pay at the Receiver’s Office with cash.

One individual approached 721news newsroom to help them get their outstanding traffic fine paid because they were about to travel for the New Year’s.

To avoid embarrassment, persons who have had a traffic fine in the past, should inquire at the Prosecutor’s Office about the outstanding sum, and pay it or end up in jail.