Anguilla Police Report: Insp. Marva Brooks retires after 30 years of policing



Insp. Marva Brooks

ANGUILLA – The RAPF announced the retirement of Insp. Marva Brooks after some 30 years as a police officer in the Royal Anguilla Police Force.

Brooks joined the RAPF on January 9, 1987 after completing her initial training at the Regional Police Training Centre in Barbados. Brooks worked as a constable in the Beat and Patrol Department and later Criminal Investigations Department until she was promoted to Sergeant in 1999, when she returned to the Beat and Patrol Department as a shift supervisor. During that time she benefitted from several courses, workshops and conferences both locally and overseas.

Brooks was later transferred to the Traffic Department as the Sergeant in-charge until her promotion to Inspector in-charge of Operations in 2010.

“I have always tried to live up to the high ideals of a police officer,” said Brooks. “I always tried to practice what I preach and to lead by example.”

Brooks, who was also the first Anguillan female to act in the rank of Superintendent, and did so on several occasions stated that she was proud to have also been the first female officer in the RAPF to lead an official parade during the Queen’s Birthday and Anguilla Day Parade celebrations.

Brooks, who was proud of her working relationship with the officers of the RAPF, and has absolutely no regrets indicated that she was grateful to the RAPF for instilling in her some additional disciplines that have helped to make her the individual she is today. She expressed gratitude to her family for their support and encouragement over the years.

Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison and other ranks of the Royal Anguilla Police Force wished Brooks a very productive retirement.

Brooks’ retirement is effective Monday, January 9, 2017.


UK Detective joins RAPF for 2-month attachment

Retired Detective Chief Inspector John McFarlane

ANGUILLA – The RAPF is pleased to welcome John McFarlane back to Anguilla and the RAPF.

McFarlane was previously in Anguilla as the lead officer in November 2015, when a team of UK detectives visited the RAPF in order to review the Force’s response to murder investigations as well a number of undetected cases.

His current role on this occasion will be to work alongside the Head of Crime in the development of the Major and Volume Crime Units, and build on the work already undertaken in improving the RAPF’s ability to combat serious crime, and its overall objective of the reduction of harm to the communities of Anguilla.

McFarlane will also look at the way Anguilla makes best use of forensic evidence and intelligence in the detection and prevention of crime. He will also look in detail at a number of the more historic murder investigations to see if there are opportunities to detect and charge those responsible.

McFarlane is a retired senior UK Police Detective who served as Detective Chief Inspector on dedicated murder teams within the Metropolitan Police Force of London. His attachment to the RAPF is part of its commitment to developing staff and reinforcing their commitment to reducing serious crime that causes so much harm to communities, and in essence the economic prosperity of Anguilla.

McFarlane will be with the RAPF until early March 2017.