Year-end Residents’ Meeting for South Reward



SOUTH REWARD – On Thursday, December 8, residents of South Reward are invited to a general meeting hosted by the St. Maarten Community Collective (SMCC).

The Community Collective is an Association of residents committed to transforming South Reward into a vibrant community where residents can continue to feel proud to live.

SMCC Secretary Aishira Cicilia expressed, “I believe that South Reward can be an exemplary district in St. Maarten. Coming and working together, having dialogue, coming up with and implementing solutions from within the community. It is exciting, it is rewarding, and it is great to know that every voice counts! The work we are doing is not only for us, but for our children and the future of South Reward. There is no better reason to join the Association and no better time than now.”

The meeting will take place this Thursday, December 8, at 7:00pm at Milton Peters College (MPC).

Attendees can expect open discussion about various topics including, alleviating school traffic congestion, neighborhood garbage collection, a newly refurbished basketball court for community use, Vision for a Reward Park, upcoming Christmas village and more. Light refreshments will be served.


“Come out and hear some initiatives from our members and let us hear from you,” she concluded.