*UPDATE* Full house for SZV pensions info session



PHILIPSBURG – On Thursday, December 8, Social and Health Insurances (SZV) welcomed over 120 persons to its pension information session at the University of St. Martin (USM).

The agenda of the night covered the rights and obligations of customers as it pertains to old-age, widow(er)s and orphan pension benefits as well as the lump sum payment also known as the funeral grant. A mixed group of persons currently receiving pension benefits from SZV and those who have yet to reach the pensionable age were in attendance.

The information presented highlighted the various application requirements and processes, calculation methods, considerations and additional services SZV offers to those receiving pension abroad.

The presentation of the pension information session is available via SZV’s website www.szv.sx.

A vivid discussion sparked during the question and answer segment of the evening. Persons asked a wide range of questions, but also shared their concerns and suggestions as it pertains to medical coverage, application procedures, administrative obligations, tax administration, calculation of old-age pension amounts and customer service. General questions were addressed directly.

Persons with questions based on individual cases were processed the following day or via appointments, which were scheduled directly during the information session.

SZV highlighted during the session that the pension benefit allocation and processing is “not mass production.” Each request is processed individually ensuring that those who qualify receive their benefits, as is stipulated in the laws.

During the session, SZV announced its plans to launch Senior Services desks in 2017, where all senior and pension-related services can be requested and administered via a central point of contact for the customer. With this SZV expects that waiting time and the requirement of “walking from one building to the next for one service,” will be reduced, and in some cases even eliminated.

SZV will host more information sessions in 2017, each covering a new service topic where it has been indicated by customers that more clarity is desired.

The continuous developments within customer service at SZV are guided by customers’ needs. These needs are brought forward through the annual customer satisfaction surveys of SZV. The current survey is now online via the SZV website www.szv.sx on the customer service page. SZV encourages all to take a few minutes to take the survey and give the much-needed feedback.

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