Efeze suspects appear in court



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The four suspects in the Efeze investigation, the brothers R.R.R. (both have the same initials), V.A.R and I.A.F. appeared in front the Judge of the Court of First Instance on December 7.

They are all suspected of illegal firearm possession (8 firearms) including other parts and ammunition, trafficking (import) in firearms (4 firearms), drug trafficking and drug possession. The two brothers and V.A.R. are also suspected of money laundering the sum of almost US $125,000.

The Prosecutor asked for a jail sentence of 7 years for one of the brothers R., and 4 years in jail of which 1 year suspended and treatment by the Mental Health Foundation, for the other brother R.

For V.A.R., the Prosecutor asked a jail sentence of 2 years and for I.A.F. 18 months in jail. The Prosecutor asked for acquittal of the charge of trafficking in firearms for V.A.R. and I.A.F.

The judge will give his verdict on December 21.