West Indies Board Looks To Strengthen Press Links


~ WICB has reached out to Caribbean media groups ~

HAVANA, Cuba — The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has reached out to Caribbean media groups through the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) to develop stronger partnerships for a wider range of cricket programming and programmes.

The relationship, according to WICB, will also include, training and technical development of production personnel to ensure broadcast is of the highest quality for all categories of cricket.

This impassioned plea was made at the 47th Annual General Assembly of the CBU on Wednesday (October 26) in Havana, Cuba.

Manager of Marketing and Communications, WICB, Carole Beckford, who made the presentation shared information regarding the ratio of content in other jurisdictions, but made the case for more cricket stories and features to be produced outside of live cricket.

The WICB boasts a rich archive of cricket material and Commercial Manager, Nelecia Yeates, told the delegates at the conference “the WICB is ready to share the information with our regional media partners, for creative programme ideas to advance the cricket story.”

Yeates also noted “there is so much more than live cricket and if we are to encourage the next generation to tune in to the sport, we must have programmes which are able to grab their attention.”

One of the recommendations from the floor included a “working group which will seek to look where the gaps are to identify the areas of greatest need.” The CBU has offered to support.

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