Wescott-Williams sends letter to Jacobs about Leonard Conner


PHILIPSBURG – Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescott-Williams sent a letter to Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs, on Friday, November 4, in reference to the ongoing situation at the Leonard Conner Primary School.

In the letter, Wescott-Williams expressed her concerns about the measures taken to remedy the situation at the school. “With due consideration for your public statements regarding the situation at the Leonard Conner Primary school and your ministry’s efforts to facilitate a coordinated solution, it appears that parents and teachers are far from convinced that the government’s measures are adequate,” she stated in the letter.

“This is evident from the many reactions on social media, as well as an invitation to me to visit the school and experience first-hand what the situation is at the school. I suggest that you urgently revisit the measures employed until now, such as the masks etc., and not reopen the school until parents, teachers and your ministry’s staff are convinced that no (further) health risks exist,” the letter continued.

“Please consider a temporary relocation, until the situation at the primary school in Cape Bay can be thoroughly investigated and hopefully remedied. I also request that you keep Parliament abreast and informed of all developments at aforementioned school as this in my opinion is serious and potentially hazardous to not only the school, but the entire neighborhood,” the letter concluded.