Servers gradually restored in govt. offices 

Prime Minister William Marlin


PHILIPSBURG – In the weekly press briefing on Wednesday, November 9, Prime Minister William Marlin made mention of the situation with the servers within government.

The servers were attacked by a virus, however, according to Prime Minister Marlin, the head of IT informed him that things are getting back on track. The Receivers, Census and Inspectorate of Tax offices were online and functioning, as of Wednesday, November 9. Once fully functioning, the IT department will make its way to each department to clean up the computers and restore access to the network as well.

The central registration center DIV, however, requires more service. The system in DIV needs to be reinstalled before the network can be restored to the computers. The same also goes for “Decade,” which is used by the Finance department. The reinstallation will be carried out by a third party in collaboration with the IT department.

“You are as strong as your weakest link or you’re as weak as your weakest link. If we can keep it just government to government we are as secure as possible. You can have the best system on earth, but if you have one little opening in the fence, once it sneaks through, it’s in,” Prime Minister Marlin said.

The Prime Minister apologized for the major inconvenience to the public due to the disruption of the network. “We do, however, apologize to the citizens. We are getting back on track, getting back online, and hopefully soon things will be back to normal.”