CC1 presents Presidente 8.5oz bottle


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On November 9, CC1 held the launching of the 8.5oz bottle at Holland House. CC1 St. Maarten is one of the largest distribution companies in St. Maarten and growing.

Mr. Carlton St. Hill, sales manager of CC1

In September 2015, CC1 acquired the number 1 selling beer Presidente. The grand opening was held in December 2015. “Our goals are to be always fresh, and innovative.

We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves while working together, always aligned to reach and exceed goals,” sales manager of CC1 Carlton St. Hill said.

Presidente, since September 2015 until present, is still the number 1 selling beer in the Caribbean.

Mr. Rider Cusco, sales marketing manager of Presidente in the Caribbean

“We have developed this new 8.5oz bottle just to satisfy our St. Maarten customers. This new fun size will represent the spirit of the Caribbean and the spirit of St. Maarten,” sales marketing manager of Presidente in the Caribbean Rider Cusco added.

At the moment, the Presidente brand has a long track record, and Kusto believes that the new 8.5oz bottle will continue to add to that success. CC1 is proudly adding another goal to their book of success with yearly accomplishments.

CC1 will visit all bars, clubs and restaurant on the island to ensure everyone will be enjoying the new fun-sized bottle.

CC1 and Presidente have teamed up with the island’s reigning Soca Monarch King Vers, who has been named Presidente 8.5oz brand ambassador.