Sarah wants date of next Parliament meeting



PHILIPSBURG – In a letter addressed to new Chairperson of Parliament Claret Connor, on November 4, Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescott-Williams, requested to be informed of the next meeting of Parliament.

“Kindly inform me when the next (public) meeting of this Parliament will be convened to appoint members to the committees of Parliament, so that subsequently these committees can meet and appoint their (vice)chairpersons,” she stated in her letter.

“I hope this is next week, as I believe that it is of utmost importance that the committee of General Affairs be formed, as this committee should invite the Minister of General Affairs to apprise the Parliament of the escalation of tension between the 2 sides of the island as far as the Oyster Pond boundaries are concerned,” the letter continued.

“Verbiage, used by the Prime Minister of St. Maarten, such as ‘aggressive act’ has serious connotations in diplomatic relations and should not be used lightly. In addition, I believe that on a matter such as this the local (non-European) authorities on both sides should close ranks in the interest of our populations,” she stated in her missive.

“It is therefore my intention to request that the Committee of General Affairs of Parliament convenes a meeting to discuss the aforementioned in the presence of the Minister of General Affairs,” the letter concluded.