Minister Jacobs gives St. Maarten’s Day insight


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Every other year St. Maarten’s Day celebrations are held on the Dutch side, however, this year, the French side has been tasked with the organization of the celebrations. The celebrations will mostly take place in the French Quarter area.

“I’m looking forward to seeing both sides of the island celebrating together with our partners on the North, as it is a cultural celebration more so than anything else. Despite any strife and stress going on the governmental levels, this is a celebration of the people. Culturally the people of St. Maarten have celebrated our shared history, our shared culture, and bloodline across the border, and so as we celebrate with songs, dances, poetry, as we celebrate that we have the same trees and flowers; the national flowers, we do have two flags and two constitutions, but we are one people. That’s where it is very important that we celebrate St. Maarten Day come Friday,” Minister Jacobs said.

The cultural manifestation will be centered in the French Quarter area with a church service at the French Quarter Methodist church and ceremonies at the stadium. There are several other activities taking place around the island on St. Maarten’s Day, including the annual relay race and cultural manifestations.

“Eat our local foods, dance our dances, play the traditional games, as well as all the other sporting events,” the Minister added.

Minister Jacobs wished all a blessed, safe and Happy St. Maarten’s Day when it comes around stating, “May the unity we feel as a people transcend towards the legislative bodies that govern the both sides.”