Sher’s Puppet Theater was fun at “Dutch is Fun”



PHILIPSBURG – The Philipsburg Jubilee Library hosted its weekly Saturday Storytime “Dutch is Fun” with Sher’s Puppet Theater last Saturday, November 5.

Over 80 children were in attendance and it was a huge success. Children learned how to respect others as well as themselves in a fun musical performance from the mouths of the puppets and their leader Sherida Mak.

Every Saturday the library conducts story time sessions in the Dutch language for visiting children. Persons from the community have been volunteering their time for this project under the theme “Dutch is Fun,” since the beginning of 2016.

The next story time session of “Dutch is Fun” is this coming Saturday, November 12, with the topic “The post St. Maarten day story” with newest volunteer Neil Henderson.

Interested persons who are willing to volunteer to read at “Dutch is fun” can contact the Philipsburg Jubilee Library at 542-2970, and ask for Maryland Powell, the “Dutch is Fun” coordinator.