Members of Parliament participate in Orientation week 



PHILIPSBURG – During the week of November 1-4, Members of Parliament participated in an Orientation week organized by the secretariat of Parliament.

After the oath taking ceremony on Monday, October 31, Members of Parliament delved immediately on Tuesday, November 1, in an Orientation week organized by the secretariat of Parliament. This Orientation week started with a brief presentation by the Secretary General of Parliament (Griffier) on some practical matters concerning Parliament followed by a Masterclass on the role of Parliament in the constitutional framework, as well as the competencies and responsibilities of Parliament.

This Masterclass was provided by Luciano Milliard, who is the Vice-rector for governance and policy affairs of the University of Aruba. Milliard has many years of experience in teaching constitutional law at the University of Aruba as well.

In the afternoon, representatives of the General Audit Chamber gave a presentation on the role of the General Audit Chamber in the parliamentary democracy as well as the relationship between this High Council of State and Parliament.

On Wednesday morning, November 2, the Masterclass resumed on the organization of Parliament, set up of the Rules of Order of Parliament and tasks of Parliament. In the afternoon session, the Council of Advice enlightened the MPs on how this body executes its task as the main advisory body to the Government and Parliament where it pertains to legislation.

On Thursday morning, November 3, the MPs participated in an interactive session on the legislative process, and the role of Parliament as a whole and individual Members in this. The trainer explained the phases of a draft national ordinance as well as the templates in order to enact legislation.

The Ombudsman provided the MPs with insight into her role as protector of the people and guardian of the Constitution on Thursday afternoon.

All the High Councils of State emphasized in their presentations that their reason for existence is to assist Parliament in its supervisory role over Government.

On Friday morning, November 4, the Orientation week kicked off with presentations from the trainer, and in this interactive session the MPs role was looked at in a wider context. Their political party ideologies, Kingdom and regional organizations such as IPKO, Tripartite and Parlatino were discussed.

At the end of the Orientation week all Members were presented with a certificate for their participation.

The goal of this Orientation week was to equip all MPs, but especially first time Members with the necessary tools in order for them to execute their role as a Parliamentarian during the Parliamentary term 2016-2020, which commenced on October 31, 2016.