Frans: Don’t listen to rumor mongers, US committed to formation process



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Leader of the UNITED ST. MAARTEN PARTY (US) party MP Frans Richardson on Wednesday evening dispelled and dismissed what he called “desperate rumor-mongering” regarding the state of the Red-White-Blue coalition.

“During the course of the day on Tuesday, certain people on social media thought it was cute or funny to start rumors, but we are committed and still seriously busy with finalizing the formation process,” Richardson said, adding that he rarely reacts to rumors, but the public deserved to hear the truth in this regard.

He said the US party has no intention whatsoever to talk/negotiate with any other party and have not done so. The focus, he added, is finalizing the coalition’s governing program and vetting the two-candidate Ministers as submitted by the blue party.

“While we recognize that there are some who feel like it’s their sole mission now to confuse the public and disrupt the process, however, the public can rest assured that all is well and we are committed to the three-party coalition we have signed on to. Starting rumors may be entertainment to some, but we are focused on completing the current process and on moving this country forward,” MP Richardson said.