Automatic weapons found in RBC safety deposit box    

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PHILIPSBURG – Last week was another incredible scene for authorities after they were notified by bank officials that weapons had been found in a safety deposit box, which was never claimed by the owner.

The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that on Wednesday, November 9, fire weapons were found at a branch of a bank. In light of the ongoing investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office could not disclose any other details about this finding or give further comments on the matter.

The building, which was host to ABN-AMRO, RBTT and RBC bank branches, on the Emmaplein, was sold to a new owner and the moving of bank property started. All safety deposit boxes of owners, who never came to collect their belongings, were also being cleared.

Bank officials were surprised when they opened a particular safety box and found 3 automatic weapons.

Police were notified right away and an investigation has started to determine the identity of the safety box’s owner.