Dept. of Labor Affairs endorses K 1 Britannia Foundation’s project


PHILIPSBURG – Representatives from both organizations held conversations, meetings and exchanged email correspondences of which the endorsement was the final result. The endorsement comes on the heels of the call for much needed and deepened collaborative efforts by private sector entities and non-profit organizations, such as the K 1 Britannia Foundation.

According to Department Head Peggy-Ann Dros-Richardson, “The social ills of this country can only be adequately addressed, if we do so with a unified front, all heads pointed in the same direction, and that direction being one to elevate and address the core needs of the clients, the people we both wish to serve.”

The program, as defined by K 1 Britannia, addresses 3 key elements: the element of Work; the element of Training and the element of Social Development. All elements when balanced properly, will build a solid foundation for a successful future for the participants. The program also highlights the very important aspect of “giving hope to the hopeless” by specifically targeting a client base that has not been focused on in the past.

Young adults in the foster care system and young adults who, for whatever reason, have probationary measures. Instilling a sense of hope, a sense of value and a sense of belonging in this society is a wonderful and awe-inspiring take away from this program.

The Department of Labor Affairs & Social Services, for the reasons mentioned, considers it a privilege to collaborate with K 1 Britannia on this worthy cause, and look forward to partnering long-term, for a better St. Maarten.

For more information on the K 1 Britannia Foundation, visit their official website at