Appointment of new members to Cadastre and Mortgages Supervisory Board


PHILIPSBURG – Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers, authorized by the Council of Ministers, and after receiving a positive advice from the Corporate Governance council, proceeded with the appointment of the following new Supervisory Board members:

Louis Crastell Gumbs, Chairman;

Victoria Dubourcq, member;

Nzinga Lake, member; and

Charlesworth Sydney, member.

All above mentioned members will be officially appointed once the pertaining National Decree is approved and published.

Vincent Boetius, the 5th member of the Supervisory Board, will be replaced in October, as per the end of his term as member of the Supervisory Board of Cadastre and Mortgages St. Maarten.

Considering the fact that the Supervisory Board consisted of just two members for a significant period, with the appointment of the new members of the Supervisory Board, this governing body of the foundation is now able to improve on the execution of its tasks as established in the articles of incorporation.

Currently, operations at Cadastre and Mortgages St. Maarten is managed by an interim management team, with the support of the employees, have kept the organization functioning and have continued with rendering services to the public of St. Maarten as optimally as possible.

Minister Meyers in expressing his compliments and gratitude to Marcia Peterson (Interim Director) and her staff for their dedicated work, acknowledged the fact that managing, for such an important organization, on an interim basis is an undesirable situation. “It is one of the highest priorities to be addressed by the new Supervisory Board,” the Minister stated.

In general terms, the Supervisory Board of Cadastre and Mortgages St. Maarten is tasked with the supervision on the functioning of the Management team, whereas execution of related policies and other organizational responsibilities are to be adhered to by the Management team.

These responsibilities consist of topology activities, mortgage registration, assisting the public and government with the plotting of lots, producing certificate of admeasurements, title search, abstracts, sale of properties, keeping records of bank mortgages, attachments and registering of notary deeds, among other activities.

With the appointment of the new members of the Supervisory Board of Cadastre and Mortgages St. Maarten Foundation, the Minister of VROMI is aiming at an overall improvement of the performance and innovation of the Foundation leading to increased transparency towards Government, public and other stakeholders.