“Readers are Leaders” 7th reading competition on Wednesday


PHILIPSBURG – “Readers are Leaders,” a reading program organized and supported by the Philipsburg Jubilee Library and the Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunrise, will be hosting their 7th annual reading competition.

The opening ceremony for the 2016-2017 term will be on Wednesday, September 21, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

The organizers’ goal is to stimulate reading by teenagers, and to show that reading is fun in a competitive way. Participants are challenged to read a number of books and submit reports about the books they have read to win the grand prizes.

All high school students of Sundial, Milton Peters College: TKL, PKL, HAVO, VWO, St. Maarten Academy Academic, and PSVE, Vocational, MAC Comprehensive College and Charlotte Brooks Academy can participate in the campaign to win.

Participants have to choose their books from the Teenage and Adult section of the library, or books from their school library, and it must be a minimum of seven books. “From fun fiction of your own choice to non-fiction of leading persons of St. Maarten, the Caribbean and the world.” Added to the recommended reading booklist this term is the Alice and Lionel Romney Memorial African Diaspora collection.

One can win prizes such as USB sticks, laptops, and tablets. Organizers are encouraging the youth to read because the readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow. This will be a year of reading fun and competitiveness.

“Teens do remember to come out and be part of your library’s and Rotary’s competition this Wednesday, September 21, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Sign up and explore new horizons,” the library said in a statement.