MP Leona Marlin-Romeo provides some of the issues that has her attention


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Through this means it gives me great pleasure to address the people of Sint Maarten as the number 6 candidate on the United People’s Party list.  Over the past years I have grasped the understanding of the philosophy and ideology that are so much so geared towards the improvement of living standard and prosperity of you the sons and daughters of this beautiful island, called St. Maarten.

We are faced once again with a very critical juncture in the development process of our island. Yes critical in the sense that we have to once again choose candidates to hold the helm of governance of our nation.  I implore on you that come 26thSeptember you make a wise decision, in that you the electorate select dedicated, hardworking individuals of true representation for you and your household that includes your children and even children thereafter.

It is important to filter the unreal promises and proposals, we have to be cognizant of the specific roles and duties of this very important position. I again implore on you, do not be fooled by promises made for your immediate hearing but to focus on the days and years beyond 26th September. As your candidate seeking your approval to be re-elected, I will like to provide in short some of the issues that have my full attention in going forward.

  1. Border and Security Control – We must have a better grasp on what and who is entering and exiting this country with the collaboration of French Saint Martin.  This is necessary for the protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and even potential criminal elements that can hamper our society’s image.  Additionally, we have to be cognizant of our capacity from an infrastructural, educational and even our health provision perspective.
  2. Education – There is a need to relook at our educational system. 26% youth unemployment is unacceptable on our small island that have so much potential. It is time that we provide our youths with an education whereby, if they applied for jobs and have been turned down 5-6 times for whatever reason, they should be able to apply their innovative learning and think on an entrepreneurial level, thereby creating their own legitimate jobs. It is not the end of the road for them. We must train our youths and make them employable.
  3. Socio Economic Development – This involves the overall improvement in our living standard and wellbeing as individuals. For too often we speak of our economic growth, yet still in our individual homes we are faced with the predicament of, increasing cost of basic food, poor internet, running sewage, poor roads and drainage systems, less quality time for children and family by extension, traffic congestion and pollution that so gravely impact our very existence and the list goes on and on. It is time we put mechanism in place so that each and every one can enjoy a better quality of life.

I will also like to inform that given your mandate, I will also seek and ensure that the legislations and initiatives I have started working on, comes to fruition for the betterment of you the people and the country on a whole. These include;

  1. Consumer Protection – so that you can exercise your consumer rights and get justice from unscrupulous business practices.
  2. Small Claim Court –For expeditious or speedy ruling, that is cost effective and beneficial to all.
  3. Separate Voting Registry – For the registering of foreign civil documents which alleviates the need to request documents in the country of origin.

Come September 26th, Vote Leona Marlin Romeo your #6 Candidate on the UP list.