DP commemorates World Literacy Day


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On September 8, countries all over the world are celebrating the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day.

The Democratic Party (DP) candidates have chosen to dedicate their time to take part in a project that involves taking the time to go to different schools or community after school programs and read to our youth. Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams took time to read to the students of the Seventh Day Adventist School (SDA) School, and Jorien Wuite read to the youths at the Sister Borgia School.

Other candidates have decided they will be donating some books to different organisations or ensuring that they spend time helping one of our youths to read and/or write. By doing so, the DP aims to underline the importance of education to all, leaving no one behind. This year the United Nations theme is “Reading the past, writing the future.”

“The DP encourages each and every one to either donate a book or take time out of your day to assist someone who may need help learning to read or write. The ability to read and write is essential to building a sustainable future. Being able to read and write empowers individuals, communities and societies. The DP is committed to life-long learning opportunities for all of our people. We are dedicated to not only investing in the development of the country but most important is investment in our people, building our human capital. Early stimulation education will also aid in jump starting the future of our youth,” stated Member of Parliament, Leader of DP Sarah Wescot-Williams.

Our dedicated candidate #3 Jorien Wuite, underlined the importance of not only focusing on books in the 21st century while at Sister Borgia. “As our youth are more connected to the internet than older generations, we have to involve the internet in thinking about literacy. New forms of communicating on an international platform like the internet creates new opportunities for St. Maarten youth and the future of this island.