“Applying to schools in the Netherlands” workshop Sept. 8


PHILIPSBURG – Is your child considering furthering his or her studies in the Netherlands, but does not know what steps to follow? Well, your child’s questions can be answered on September 8, at the free, interactive workshop entitled, “Applying to Schools in the Netherlands,” organized  by the Student Support Services Division (SSSD) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports.

This workshop is for students in their last two years of secondary school or those who recently completed secondary education. It will be held at the University of St. Martin (USM) from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

Students will be provided with information on the steps they need to apply to schools in the Netherlands. In addition, information will also be given on the documentation the schools may request from applicants.

“Students will receive information about what to consider before the application process, and also what to consider during the application process. In addition, the documents that are needed while applying to schools will also be highlighted,” said SSSD officials.

“Deadlines and time, in general, are important and it is important that students be aware of the process in order to submit their application and documents in a timely manner,” the officials added.

Students are encouraged to be on time, and are also encouraged to contact the career guidance counselor Mr. Chance, at 543-1235 for more information. The SSSD office is located in the Amigo Building across from the Police Station and next to the Windward Islands Bank (WIB).

SSSD provides many services to students. Some services include: psychological, counseling, social work, educational diagnostic, career, and parent education.