VoN panel discussion with party leaders


PHILIPSBURG – JCI LIVE Soualiga known as a global leadership organization is once again holding its Voice of the Nation (VoN) Panel Discussion.

This time the topic will be on Environmental Sustainability. All 9 registered political parties’ leaders have been invited to participate in this Assembly to be held on Saturday, September 3, from 7:00pm at the University of St. Martin (USM).

The parties are: NA, DP, USP, UPP, SDM, SMCP, PPA, HOPE AND OSPP. This is the third time JCI LIVE Soualiga will be holding this event.

The first discussion panel was on “Poverty and its Social Effects” in January, and the second on “Education and its Economical Effect” in May.

“The objectives of these discussions is to bring matters and issues that are plaguing our community to the forefront. To see how our electorates feel about these matters. To hear from them the possible solutions and to see how we can achieve these solutions together. Through these discussions JCI LIVE Soualiga seek to start initiatives that are beneficial and sustainable in our community,” said a statement.